Welcome to Merkaba Healing Services

Merkaba Healing Services (MHS) is a holistic and complementary services provider based in Cape Town that supports individuals suffering from stress, burnout, grief and trauma. MHS uses a range of alternative therapies to bring about positive change for improved mental and emotional well-being.

Mer-Ka-Ba means light, spirit, body. It is an 8-pointed star made up of two pyramids, one pointing up and the other, down. The pyramid pointing upwards reconnects us to heavenly universal energy (positive energy flows). The pyramid pointing downward connects to the earth (negative energy flows). It symbolizes the harmonious activation of the three energy fields and it is our light body in its highest form. It is a divine light vehicle used to ascend to reach higher vibrations of existence and encompasses our entire body. Once your Merkaba is fully switched on, your body becomes capable of healing itself and you become limitless.